Nouveau Diamond Engagement Ring with 1.20ct Euro Cut Center


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Few Nouveau (or Edwardian) Diamond engagement rings come as sizable and resplendent as this one! Made in 1918 (it is conveniently engraved with the original date), this ring was the height of fashion at the end of the Art Nouveau period. The gracefully domed Platinum ring has a few pierced areas and Diamond accents, but really all of the attention is drawn upward to the center Diamond. The focal point of the ring is an antique Diamond, an old European Cut, weighing 1.20cts (but appearing like a 1.50ct due to it’s spready cut) and is faceted beautifully. The gem has a soft warm hue, as was common in Diamonds from this era, but it does not detract from the beauty of the ring. In fact, this Diamond has so much character than looking at it simply gives off an aura of age and history – one of the neatest things about wearing an antique engagement ring. The engraving in this one reads “EYY & EDS 11-6-18” and was clearly as romantic then as it is today, 100+ years later.

Details: antique platinum engagement ring set with 1.20ct center Diamond (SI2 clarity, K color) and .04ct Diamond accents, circa 1918. Diamond is eye clean and, as with most authentic antique stones, has a few minor nibbles on the girdle which do not detract from its beauty or durability.

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