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Natural Alexandrite & Diamond Engagement Ring 18k Gold


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Natural Alexandrite- the rarest of gemstones, emerald-by-day & ruby-by-night, June birthstone- is one of the coolest gems we carry. This engagement ring features a 3/4ct Alexandrite; a large size for this rare gem. While the first known Alexandrites were found in Russia, this gem is from the modern deposits in India. Unlike earlier gems with shocking color changes this one is a bit more subtle, the green side of this gem is a pleasing teal and it color changes to greyish purple. We still consider this to be a moderate to strong color change, and some clients prefer the cooler tones of this Indian material. Plus, the price of Indian Alexandrite is much more affordable and allows us to carry larger gems with better cutting than Alexandrite from other sources. We set this gem into a vintage styled mounting which uses a combination of Diamond accents and carved goldwork to give the ring some old world charm. While designed to be an engagement or wedding ring this would make a great June birthstone item for someone looking for that special Alexandrite ring.

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