Mid Century Aquamarine Cocktail Ring with Floral Gold Setting


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Product Description

This impressive Aquamarine ring has a stunning hand-made mid century setting that we just love. Crafted in the 1960s, this ring shows the art of a fine jeweler- each leaf in the floral mounting was cast specifically to serve as a prong for the center Aquamarine, then finished with subtle texture. We love how the floral mounting rises up to encompass the Aquamarine, making the ring feel more integrated and comfortable on the hand- not too large at all. The focal point here is the amazing Aquamarine- over 11cts- with a beautiful sky-blue hue, neither too light or too dark, just what one wants to see in the finest of aquas. Interestingly, this Aquamarine has just a tiny hint of green in the blue, which works beautifully with the yellow gold ring setting. In person, the ring looks decidedly blue, and decidedly fabulous. Easily sizable, too.

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