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Deep Green Emerald & Diamond Halo Engagement Ring

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This Emerald and Diamond engagement ring features a fabulous Emerald in the rich, medium-dark green hue that is so coveted. With Emeralds, there is often a trade off between color and clarity: find a deep green hue and it will often be heavily included. Some inclusions in Emeralds are to be expected- in fact the French named this phenomenon ‘jardin’ since it looks like vines growing in the gem- but not so much that the inclusions detract from the color or sparkle. This particular Emerald is a great example: it has a moderate amount of inclusions, but they are well camouflaged and do not make the gem any less beautiful. This gem is even more special due to the radiant cutting. Instead of a traditional octagonal emerald cut, it has had extra facets added to the back of the gem. While this reduces the weight of the gem, it makes it sparkle much more- as you can see here- and it weighs less than the dimensions would suggest. We love the contrast of the glowing silkiness of the Emerald coupled with the the sparkle of Diamonds, so we surrounded this stone with baguettes and rounds in an FWCJ original halo mounting. The halo is certainly out of the ordinary and is attached to a tapered split shank that is elegant while substantial, and features delicate floral metal work as a tribute to the jardin in the Emerald. This is a very polished looking engagement ring, just waiting for that perfect hand to wear it on.

Details: 14k white gold ring set with .64ct radiant cut Emerald (no oil) and .56ctw round and baguette Diamond accents (VS GH).

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