Montana Green Sapphire and Rose Gold Mens Wedding Band

Montana Green Sapphire and Rose Gold Mens Wedding Band

Green Sapphires in engagement rings are not so sought after as the ever popular blue sapphire engagement ring. However, they have picked up a lot of attention in recent years and often they look quite stunning as an engagement ring. The green color of this gemstone seems to blend very nicely with popular colors of metals, mostly gold. A green sapphire engagement ring with no other complementing stones is probably going to be termed as a solitaire – as it is on its own. However, as with most other styes of gemstones in rings, you should also consider a three-stone ring or a Princess cut green sapphire. Unlike the solitaire models which are mostly round or oval, princess cut gemstones are usually square, or just a little larger on one side, and have their facets across the top face. Learn more about Princess Cut Gemstones.  This link is about Princess Cut Diamonds but the principle is exactly the same and will offer more information on the Princess Cut.

The Green Sapphire gemstone is a stone that appears to be very calming and soothing to the eyes. It is often referred to as the stone of tranquility because of its meaning which is hoped will bring loyalty and integrity to your life – honoring fidelity in trust. However, this is not necessarily our view at Federal Way Custom Jewelers

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