Yellow Chrysoberyl Engagement Ring in White Gold


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This beautiful yellow engagement ring is sure to bring some sunshine to your finger! The center gemstone is a natural Chrysoberyl which is a rare and durable gemstone related to Alexandrite but without the color change. It can occur in most shades of gold, green and brown, but here is one of the most coveted: a bright yellow. Chrysoberyls almost always have a secondary hue that gives them a neon look, whereas yellow Sapphires are a warmer gold hue. Many clients prefer the Chrysoberyl since they are a dead ringer for a natural yellow Diamond! This one is set in one of our FWCJ original designs which uses round Diamonds to make shield shaped accents on either side of the center gem. It is set securely, low profile, in four sturdy white gold prongs such that it can be enjoyed on a daily basis.

Details: 14k white gold ring set with 1.15ct oval Chrysoberyl (Indian, untreated) and .37ctw round Diamond accents (SI GH).

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