Antique Opal Doublet Solitaire Ring, British 18k


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This elegant Edwardian Opal ring is as mysterious as it is beautiful. From one angle, the Opal arrests the viewer with streaks of red and violet covering the surface of the gem. From the second angle, deep blues and greens dominate the very same gem. This Opal Doublet has more color variability than any Opal we have ever sold- it is a treat to behold. Opal Doublets were very popular back in the day, when Opals would be backed with another gem to make the Opal more durable for the ring setting. This is a totally natural Australian Opal, which has its original doublet backing intact. It is set in a classic design: a bezel set solitaire ring with a tapered knife edge shank which draws the eye to the Opal. The finesse of this ring, from the taper of the shank to the thinness of the bezel, allow the fabulous Opal to take center stage. Simply stunning, and perfect as an antique Opal engagement ring, complete with British hallmarks.

Details: Edwardian British 18k yellow gold solitaire ring set with 1.50ct elongated oval Opal Doublet in collet-style bezel setting, circa 1910. Opal is natural backed by darker material for durability; Opal shows some light scratches to surface.

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