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Unisex Gold “Gypsy Ring” with Cats Eye Chrysoberyl


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This fabulous ring is known in the trade as a “Gypsy Ring” because it features a gemstone flush-set into the band. As the story goes, young Gypsies (or Romani, or Travelers) would give their romantic partners a ring as a sign of affection, and they would feature a single stone set into a gold band. By the Victorian era, Gypsy rings had become popularized as a sign of friendship, and their use expanded. This particular version is a mid-century item flush-set with a cats eye Chrysoberyl. This phenomenon, known as chatoyancy, was believed to represent the all-seeing-eye of God, so was given as a sign of protection for the wearer. This gem features the ideal khaki yellow color, with a fine white eye that hovers diagonally across its surface. This ring is easily sizable, and would look appropriate on a woman, or smaller man’s hand (or pinky).

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