Crystal Opal Briolette Pendant with Simple 14k White Bail


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This fabulous Opal pendant gives you a prismatic color experience from every angle. It is set such that the Opal spins from a fluted white gold bail, allowing the light to pass through the gem and be seen from every side. We can only achieve this affect with the amazing crystal Opals from Ethiopia. They form in nodules that create thicker pieces of Opal, very translucent, and with more color play than the average Australian gem. This particular Opal has a floral pattern which features lots of greens, blues and hints of red and gold. This one is also fun since, under very close inspection, it has small black polka dot inclusions throughout the material which is a hallmark of Welo origin. We have shown this pendant in a variety of lighting conditions to show the Opal to full effect- it will look fantastic however and wherever you choose to wear it.

Details: 14k white gold pendant set with 6.00ct Welo Opal (Ethiopian, briolette bead cut), spinning.

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