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Rare Orange Sapphire & Diamond Engagement Ring


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This stunning engagement ring is set with a rare natural orange Sapphire. Of all the natural Sapphire colors, orange is one of the rarest. We see dark yellow or pinky-orange with more regularity, but this true golden-orange color is scarce. With a gem this unusual we decided to set it in a white gold setting with neutral white Diamond accents, since it makes the neon orange color pop. The center Sapphire is a rounded oval shape, so we accentuated it with marquise Diamonds for a 3-stone effect which gives the gem a more elongated feel, then channel set Diamonds trail down the shank for a cohesive design. This is a classic ring setting with the twist of orange in the middle- a fun Sapphire engagement ring for anyone who loves the color orange! Easily sizable to any ring size.

*Note- this is a rare natural Sapphire from Sri Lanka – it is NOT one of the low-cost beryllium diffused stones we see from Africa. This is an important distinction, since the natural Sapphires are rarer, more brilliant, and have a more pure color – no brown or green undertones.

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