Rare Blue-Red Bicolor Tourmaline Pendant with Diamond Accent Red White & Blue


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Bicolor Tourmalines are a must-have in any collection, but most common are the traditional “watermelon Tourmaline” variety, whose colors are split between green and red, sometimes with a colorless segment in the middle. Luckily for us, the Tourmaline gem family comes in every color of the rainbow, and we do see mixing of the colors in other ways too. This fantastic pendant is just such a case, where the emerald cut Tourmaline is an intense Indicolite variety on one end and Rubellite on the other, meaning we have a blue-red bi-color, which is one of the rarest we have seen- especially with a near 50/50 split we see here. This Tourmaline was mounted with a Diamond accent, so one can consider the pendant to be red-white-and-blue, but the colors aren’t in order and it is not overtly patriotic- but it is overtly cool!

Details: custom 14k yellow gold pendant set with approximately 1.50ctw elongated emerald cut bicolor blue-red Tourmaline & .03ct princess cut Diamond accent (SI GH).

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