Green Chrome Tourmaline & Pave’ Diamond Halo Ring


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Chrome Tourmaline is one of the most difficult gemstones to source on the market today, and is one of the most beautiful we sell. They are mined in the same region of East Africa as Tanzanite but are an incredibly rare byproduct of other mineral deposits. As such supply is always limited and we never know how much material we will see at trade shows. In recent years it has even been rumored that the mines are no longer producing, sigh. As you can see here, the chromium causes the Tourmaline to take on a pure kelly-green color that rivals Tsavorite Garnets, but it is also a growth inhibitor, so we rarely see gems over 1ct in size. When we came across this impressive specimen, which appears much larger due to a slightly shallow cut, we knew we needed to mount it accordingly. Thus we set it in this oval halo mounting encrusted with over a carat of fine white pave’ Diamonds for one amazing sparkler. Wow!

Details: 14k white gold halo ring with 1.59ct oval Chrome Tourmaline (Tanzania, untreated) and 1.01cttw of Diamond accents (SI GH).

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