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Pear Shape Ethiopian Opal Bead Reversible Pendant


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If you have been looking for a new everyday pendant, look no further! This fabulous Ethiopian Opal pendant is simple, elegant, goes with everything, and is going to be your favorite pendant in your jewelry wardrobe. The crystal Opals from Ethiopia occur in geodes, meaning that the Opal is found in thicker pieces than the traditional Australian material. This has allowed us to source pieces cut in larger sizes, shaped into beads, etc. They also have skin-to-skin color, meaning the play of color occurs on every surface of the Opal, front and back, which is perfect for reversible pendants like this. We chose this particular Opal due to its pleasing “pudgy pear” shape, and due to the flagstone color pattern that causes broad chunks of green and orange to dance across its surface. This is a top gem Opal, so it doesn’t need a lot of fuss- it is suspended from a simple white gold bail that can accept up to a 5mm chain.

Ethiopian Opals are very durable, and can be worn on a daily basis. However, like other Opals and pearls, we advise our clients to take them off when showering, and to avoid exposing them to moisture and cosmetics.

Details: 14k white gold pendant with 8.39ct pear shaped Opal bead (Ethiopia, untreated) with flagstone and broad flash patterns, predominately green, orange, gold, and violet.

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