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Ethiopian Crystal Opal Briolette Drop Pendant

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This fabulous reversible Opal pendant is one of our FWCJ original designs. In this case, the pear shaped Opal drop is drilled on the larger end, and then suspended from a yellow gold bail that uses a peg and epoxy to secure the Opal into place. The Opal has color from every angle! The green and orange hues dominate, but every color of the rainbow is visible as the gem moves in the light. This Opal shows almost a harlequin pattern, which means that the color appears in small square and rectangular patches hovering within the gem. It makes for a captivating and mystical pendant to wear!

Details: 14k yellow gold pendant with 3.81ct Opal drop (Ethiopian Crystal Opal).

*Note- all Opals and Pearls need to be worn with care. We advise avoiding getting them wet, and not exposing them to chemicals or cosmetics. We advise clients who wear their Opals or Pearls regularly to insure them and have their jeweler check them routinely. Please contact us for further care advice for Opal or Pearl jewelry.

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