Custom Art-Deco Inspired Kunzite Ring in Rose Gold


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Product Description

This ring was inspired by an Art Deco die-struck cocktail ring, replete with filigree and milgrain accents, that the client saw in our estate case. She loved the intricacy and delicacy of the design but wanted to scale it up to hold her inherited Kunzite gemstone. She worked with our designer using CAD software to create the perfect design, and was involved in the process at every step. She ended up choosing rose gold, since it makes the pale lilac colored Kunzite appear a bit richer in tone, and also give the piece nice warmth. The end result is a large ring with lots of presence, yet the design is still delicate and feminine.

Details: 14k rose gold ring with 9ct cushion Kunzite.

This unique item sold. Please contact us to create something similar.

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