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Coppery Orange Sapphire Engagement Ring with Diamond Accents


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This fancy color Sapphire engagement ring features a color that is difficult to describe: is it orange? pink? salmon? sienna? padparadscha? After much thought, we settled on “copper Sapphire” when describing the color of this fantastical gem. The square radiant Sapphire is set on point with double prongs to protect and display the gem. The ring mounting is one of our FWCJ original ring designs, which uses shield-shaped Diamond trios to flank the center stone. The neutral white Diamonds help bring out the subtle pink and orange undertones in this wonderful fancy color Sapphire. This particular Sapphire is eye clean, but it does have some inclusions visible under magnification which prove that it is a natural and untreated Sapphire. It was mined in Madagascar; as such gems like this are often referred to as “African Padparadscha” though the color is a bit too intense for the traditional pink-orange Padparadscha from Ceylon.

Details: custom 14k white gold ring set with 1.29ct square copper Sapphire (Madagascar, untreated) and .35ctw Diamond accents (SI GH).

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