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White Gold Art Deco Filigree Ring with Hexagonal Opal


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This beautiful Art Deco bauble is a survivor! However, whoever owned this ring must have treasured it and taken excellent care of it as it looks pristine! The center Australian grey Opal is predominantly blue with subtle pink, orange and green pinfire play of color. It is cut into an unusual elongated hexagon, or coffin cut, which is then wrapped in a thin white gold bezel. The whole ring was made in the die-struck process, which made thin-but-durable mountings which were then able to be finished with complex filigree designs. This would have been at the height of fashion in the 1920s, just as it is today.

Details: 18k white gold ring with approximately 1.50ct hexagonal Opal (Australian, grey base) and filigree accents, circa 1925.

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