Victorian Diamond & Pearl Brooch “Skull and Crossbones”


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We are captivated by the drama of this Victorian brooch. The bright white Pearl is nestled in the center and surrounded by a wreath of Diamond-encrusted black silver. While it may be unintentional, we sure think this looks like crossbones surrounding a skull! The piece was made using a technique where silver was layered on top of gold, then intentionally oxidized to make the Diamonds stand out on the dark background. The entire brooch has a gentle curvature which allows it to sit flush against the fabric of a coat or scarf, and measures a sizable 1.5 inches across.

Details: 14k yellow gold and silver brooch with 9.5mm half-round Pearl and approximately 1ct of Old Mine Cut Diamonds (SI2-I1 JKL), circa 1880.

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Victorian 1830-1900




Yellow Gold



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