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Steely Blue Violet Spinel Pendant


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This natural Spinel is a difficult to define color but it was so beautiful that we just had to mount it. At some points blue, others more violet, and sometimes a steely grey hue, this gem is the quintessential Burmese Blue Spinel. These are mined in the same region as Blue Sapphires, and were often mistaken as such, and only got their own recognition and following with the advent of modern gemological testing and greater awareness of Spinel in general. We find that these Blue Spinels tend to have more luster and greater sparkle than other blue gemstones, and are very popular in jewelry. They are also always natural and untreated- the perfect gem for collectors and investors. This one is daintily set in a modern-yet-sophisticated oval halo pendant mounting.

Details: 14k white gold pendant set with 1.63ct oval Blue Spinel (untreated, Burma) and .13ct round Diamonds (I1 GH).

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