Rare Red Tourmaline Rubellite Pear Solitaire Pendant


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Sometimes a gem is so fabulous that it needs no adornment- like this one. This solitaire pendant features the finest Rubellite Tourmaline we have ever seen, so we let is speak for itself in this simple white gold basket setting. Rubellite is the name given – from the words “ruby like”- for all red colored Tourmalines which tend to be one of the rarest colors. Most Tourmalines denoted Rubellite are either too pink or too included to be considered fine quality. This blood-red gem, with the slight violet undertone and loupe-clean clarity, is a rarity mined in Nigeria, home to the finest Rubellites. It is also cut with precision- better than the photographs can show. Tourmaline lovers, look no further.

Details: 14k white gold solitaire pendant set with 4.25ct pear shape Rubellite Tourmaline (untreated, Nigerian).

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