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Platinum Filigree Pendant with Green Tourmaline & Pearls


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This intricate pendant features lacy platinum filigree work studded with Pearls and Diamonds around a central Tourmaline. Toward the end of the Edwardian era, as jewelers were mastering the art of working with platinum, pieces became more and more intricate and feminine. We think it is mind boggling that platinum wire work like this would have been done by hand by a master craftsmen, and may have taken a month to make! The center Tourmaline is also quite interesting, since it is very dichroic: it shows two colors at once. It appears a vibrant kelly green from one angle but a more rich olive green from other angles. This piece started its life as a brooch but was converted to a more wearable pendant at some point in the latter half of the 20th century.

Details: 900 platinum pendant with .50ct square cut green Tourmaline, .06ct old European Cut Diamonds and Seed Pearl accents, circa 1915. Measures 1.50 inches in length with bail.

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