Forest Green Tourmaline Gent’s Ring



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We love to make unique gents rings, both casual right hand rings and wedding bands. The customer who designed this ring had been looking for something with a rich look, yet set in such a way that it could be worn with an active lifestyle. First, he chose this 6.81ct cushion cut Tourmaline with a medium olive-forest green color. To keep the rich look going we set it in 18k yellow gold. The stone itself is set in a semi-bezel, where the gold wraps around the ends of the stone, but the middle remains exposed to the light so that the tourmaline keeps its life and sparkle. While he still hasn’t decided whether to add texturing to the sides of the ring, he is wearing and enjoying it just as it is!

Details: 18k yellow gold ring with 6.81ct cushion Nigerian untreated green Tourmaline (overall weight of the ring was 19 grams- a solid choice!)

This unique item sold. Please contact us for pricing and availability of similar pieces. 

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