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Peacock Hued Black Crystal Opal Pendant


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This fabulous pendant is as showy as a peacock’s fan of feathers, in Opal form. The center Opal is a black crystal Opal from Lightning Ridge, Australia. Unlike other black Opals, black or ‘dark’ crystal Opals are translucent instead of occurring on an opaque background. The translucency is why this Opal shines- it contains multiple layers of blue, green, teal and violet colors which move and shine in a mesmerizing glow. This gem is set simply, in a white gold bezel which hangs from a hinged bail. The bail is large enough to accommodate a variety of chain sizes and is detailed with hand engraving work which mimics the play of color in the Opal. Truly a fantastic piece of Opal jewelry.

Details: 14k white gold custom pendant set with solid 8.24ct freeform black crystal Opal (Australian), N6, B5 (that’s as bright as it gets!).

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