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Massive Scottish Agate Pebble Pendant/Brooch with Agate & Cairngorm


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Nothing makes a better Victorian jewelry statement than a piece of Scottish Pebble Jewelry. Crafted in Scotland in the mid 19th century, these Scottish pieces were a celebration of all things Scottish- Celtic and British designs, local craftsmanship, Agates mined around Scotland, and featuring Citrines from the Cairngorm National Park. A large brooch like this would have been worn to clasp a heavy wool shawl or scarf closed, as it comes intact with original pin hardware. A later bail was added so that it can be worn as a pendant too, making this more versatile. This particular design is known as a sunburst, where the large oval Citrine is set centrally in hand-engraved silver prongs, then surrounded by inlaid agates- jasper, agate, bloodstone, and more! This piece is in remarkable condition with only minor abrasions to the agates from past years of wear; plus it measures 2.5 inches across- it is one of the largest Scottish pieces we have seen!

Details: antique Victorian Sterling silver brooch pendant combination set with 10ct oval Cairngorm Citrine and inlaid Scottish Agates; Scotland c.1880.

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