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Huge 2ct Round Teal-Blue Diamond Solitaire Pendant


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Feast your eyes on this stunning teal-blue Diamond solitaire pendant- a stunner. Natural Blue Diamonds are one of the rarest gems on Earth, but they tend to be small, pale in color, and incredibly expensive. In the 1990s, gemologists discovered a way to treat certain Diamonds -not just any would do- to create darker blue Diamonds like this one. This process, known as irradiation, is the only way to produce this darker teal blue shade, which has quickly become a favorite in the gem world (and safe to wear, despite the irradiation process). This particular pendant is one we made to showcase the color of this Diamond- a vivid blue color, just kissed with a touch of green. This Diamond has some inclusions, but they do not detract from the beauty of the gem. We have priced this pendant to sell- contact us if you have a different setting in mind.

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