Round Green Zircon & Diamond Cocktail Ring



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Green Zircon has only recently garnered the respect it deserves. When fine quality, they look like the finest Tourmaline or Tsavorite, with even more dispersion and at a lower price! The only reason you don’t see more of them is that they are very rare, especially in a pure green tone. Additionally, the vast majority of these are foggy in appearance due to the fact that the color is caused by exposure to natural radiation millions of years ago, which can also degrade the crystal structure. So when we found this GEM, in a perfect round cut and crisp green hue, we knew it needed a rich mounting as a home- hence this Diamond-encrusted bauble.

Details: 18k white gold ring with 4.80ct round Sri Lankan Green Zircon and 1.68ctw diamond accents (VS GH).

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