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Gorgeous Golden Imperial Topaz & Diamond Pendant


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This Imperial Topaz pendant is a golden gift worthy of a king- just bring some frankincense and myrrh and it’ll fit right in. No gemstone we have ever sold has had the same combination of golden-orange hue, rich saturation, and blinding sparkle- attributes only natural Brazilian Topaz can provide. The pendant is a classic design, wherein the pear shaped gemstone is mounted beneath a round Diamond such that the eye is drawn downward to focus on the colored stone. The pendant measures over an inch in length, with the Topaz being the focal point in the piece, with gold, yellow, orange, and peach shades glimmering within the gem. Interestingly, despite the intense color, this Topaz is a neutral- the hue contrasts beautifully against other jewel tones and melds with earth tones, making it an everyday item. If you are a November baby looking for your birthstone, look no further!

Details: 14k two tone gold pendant set with 5.04ct pear shape Imperial Topaz (golden orange, heat only) and .35ct round Diamond (VS2 G, Very Good cut).

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