Cat’s Eye Kornerupine Unisex Ring



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This modern unisex ring features a rare cat’s eye Kornerupine. Kornerupine is a rare gem found in small deposits around the world, and was first discovered by a Danish geologist (Dr. Kornerup) in Greenland. This stone is a very dark greenish brown, almost black, and has a golden cats eye effect. We love this gem because of its versatility. While this ring was designed for a lady, it is durable enough to be used in mens’ jewelry too, and it is more affordable than other cat’s eye gemstones. We like to accent the cats eye effect as much as possible so we carved the wax in such a way that the ribbed design in the gold flowed in the same direction as the cats eye.

Details: 14k white gold ring with 2.80ct oval cats eye Kornerupine from Sri Lanka.

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