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Cameo Pendant/Brooch Combo Depicting Venus in her Chariot


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Few Cameos capture our hearts and our interests like this one, which is certainly in the upper echelon as far as rarity of scene. Crafted in the late 19th century by a master carver, the brown and white shell Cameo depicts Roman Goddess Venus in her dove-drawn Chariot. Venus, known for her feminine charm and beauty, was drawn in this chariot in the famed “fable of Psyche,” and the moment has been depicted in art for centuries since. This depiction in Cameo-form has Venus standing in the front of the chariot, with the doves pulling her against a mountainous backdrop. The Cameo carving is bezel set in gold with a second gold outer frame. Originally a brooch, this piece was modified at some time in the last 50 years by the addition of a bail (so it can be worn as a necklace, too) and a stabilizing inner ring on the backside, holding the cameo into place. It measures 1.75 inches across- the perfect statement for the classic Roman lover out there.

Details: antique Cameo in 12 and 14k yellow gold set with shell carving of Venus in her Chariot, of European origin circa 1890.

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