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Burmese Blue Star Sapphire Engagement Ring in White Gold


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Blue Star Sapphires are a rare phenomenal sub-variety of the September birthstone and bestselling gem group, Corundum – Sapphire. Unlike faceted Sapphires, these are cut as rounded cabochons to show off a 6-ray star when light hits the gem, known as asterism. The best quality gems will show a strong star, with a strong blue hue, and a transparent background, but rarely does a gem do all three. This particular gem has a fantastic blue color, but only moderate transparency and a moderate star, which make it a bit more affordable. The asterism is still easily visible and very pleasing, and the blue Sapphire, especially scarce due to the Burma origin and lack of treatment, has wonderful color. To focus on this gem, we set this in a simple white gold three stone ring, which features the Star Sapphire and a Diamond on either side, all set in low profile bezel settings. This would make a great star Sapphire engagement ring for someone looking for something out of the ordinary, or slightly out of this world!

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