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Antique Coral Cameo Pendant or Pin

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This Edwardian Cameo is crafted from Mediterranean Coral, which is known for its delicate orange-pink hue that is not seen in Coral from other locales. This piece was crafted circa 1915 when it would have been an expensive bauble- as such, it was made to be as versatile as possible, and can be worn as a pin or pendant. It is set into 14k yellow gold and accented with pearls and wire work around the rim. The Cameo itself is the carved bust of a Romanesque woman, replete with flowing hair and robe. It makes a sizable impression on the neckline, yet the finesse in the carving and gold work make it feel elegant. Cameos have been making a comeback lately- you can even see them in the costume jewelry department of your favorite department store- so this would be a timely addition to your jewelry wardrobe!

Details: 14k yellow gold pin pendant combo, set with oval Coral Cameo, two seed pearls, and gold wire work accents; circa 1915.

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