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Antique 5-Stone Sapphire & Diamond Wedding Ring


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This antique wedding ring transports us back in time: back to a time before automotive and air travel, to a time of reading by gaslight, a time where jewelry was even more prized than today. This ring would have been the height of fashion in Edwardian America, where blue Sapphires were a gem-of-choice in engagement rings. The 5-stone half hoop ring design features three dark blue Sapphires alternating with old Mine Cut Diamonds, each hand-set in 8-prong crown style heads. The gems are set in yellow gold and platinum, the base of the ring has been re-shanked in white gold at a later time. The gems are truly sumptuous in this ring – the Diamonds dance, and the Sapphires are a rich velvety blue, but not too dark- the perfect color. This would make an exceptional antique engagement ring or a right hand ring for someone who, like us, wants to transport themselves back in time.

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