Woven White Gold Ring with Purple Pink “Rose Zircon”

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This beautiful woven white gold ring is set with an enchanting ‘Rose Zircon’ from Tanzania. Zircon is an often overlooked gem species- often mistaken for the synthetic Cubic Zirconia- when in fact, natural Zircon can come in almost every color of the rainbow and is quite rare. Some of the most valued gems come from East Africa in shades of pink, purple, red, and brown, and compete with Champagne Diamonds for looks! This gem is a perfect example: the gem is a delicate blend of purple, pink and brown, coupled with custom round cutting and a high refractive index that make it sparkle endlessly! The result is a stunning and intriguing ring that we are proud to offer.

Details: 14k white gold ring with 1.83ct round Rose Zircon (Tanzania, assumed heat treatment) and white gold swirl accents.

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