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Vintage Diamond Halo Stud Earrings in White Gold

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These Diamond halo earrings look like they could have been made just yesterday- but they are actually vintage and were made in the 1940’s! Many people think that halo designs are the pinnacle of modernity, and while they can certainly be modern, the halo concept is one of the most classic jewelry concepts. We are able to date these earrings by the Diamond cutting- transitional round brilliants that were cut after the 1930’s and before the 1960’s- and the prong style, which was popular in the 1940’s. These prongs are highly unusual, in that they are small tabs that seamlessly hold the Diamonds and keep them close together, giving the illusion that the earring contains one large Diamond instead of a cluster of smaller ones. The earrings sit beautifully on the lobes and are ultra sparklers- look no further for your everyday studs.

Details: 14k white gold stud earrings with .44ctw Diamonds: .24ct transitional cut center Diamonds (3.25mm each) and .20ct single cut accent Diamonds (all SI GH), circa 1940.

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