Victorian Rose Gold Mourning Ring with Onyx Tablet


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This beautiful ring is an example of Victorian Mourning jewelry which was used to honor past loved ones. After Prince Albert died, Victoria entered a period of intense mourning which created a somewhat gothic trend. It became fashionable to wear jewelry memorializing the dead loved one which could then be personalized in various manners. In this unisex ring, the rose gold mounting is engraved and etched then set with a rectangular black agate tablet. This type of agate, similar to onyx, was cut from a banded piece such that it could be carved to depict the loved one, and the white part of the onyx would show up on the black background. This is a rare piece in that it has not yet been carved- keep it as is, or we can find a carver to engrave your desired likeness, initials, or crest. This ring does feature an original engraving on the reverse which reads “Rebekah McGee.” This ring was likely a man’s ring originally, measuring just over 3/4 inch long, but could be worn by either a lady or gentleman today. For anyone collecting vintage mourning pieces, or simply looking for a black ring, this would make a great choice and looks fab on the hand.

Details: 14k rose gold mourning ring with rectangular banded agate tablet (18x12mm) circa 1890.

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