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Upcycled Art Deco Green Tourmaline & Rose Cut Diamond Ring


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This intricate and alluring green Tourmaline & Diamond Art Deco Ring came to us unset. Thus, we chose a pair of vintage Rose Cut Diamonds to fill the holes where the accent stones had been, and a new green Tourmaline center stone. The Tourmaline we chose is a great example of pleochroism- where a gem can show multiple tones at once. This Tourmaline contains grass green, forest green, and olive green all in one gem, and is expertly cut to show it off! Thus, as the ring is moved it takes on different character- we have tried to show this in the images above. It’s not just the gem that has a lot going on- this mounting has detail wherever you look and was made at the height of the Art Deco period when intricate filigree designs were en-vogue. This ring has a large presence on the hand, with the ring measuring over 13mm top to bottom, yet it hugs the finger and is comfortable to wear. This ring is a testament to our passion for restoration and preservation of antique pieces.

Details: 14k white gold die-struck ring with 3.35ct oval Green Tourmaline and .21ctw Diamond accents (Rose Cut, SI GH), mount circa 1925.

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