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Twotone Gold Pendant with Top Quality Opal


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Exemplary Opals like these have been a particular passion for us for decades. So when the client we originally made this pendant for opted to trade it toward a different item, we jumped at the opportunity to have this gem back in our collection. We have a very hard time sourcing fine quality Australian Opals, especially Lightning Ridge Black Opal and Semi-black Opal like this one. This gem would be graded somewhere in the range of n4-n5, meaning it has a dark grey body color but not quite black, and B4 for brightness since the color is brilliant in all light conditions. Most importantly, this gem is a solid Opal (not a doublet or triplet) and it has every color dancing across its surface. We call this color pattern a “broad flash Opal” since large swathes of color jump out as you move the gem. Of all the colors, the green and purple are most pronounced here, though there is strong blue, red and orange in some directions. The pendant is designed in two tone gold, with a swirling Diamond-set bail, complete with hand carved swirls, which mimics the swirling array of color in the fire of the Opal. This is an impressive Opal in an equally fantastic custom pendant, and would be the prize of any Opal collection, or October birthday gift.

Details: 14k white and yellow gold pendant bezel set with 4.33ct oval cabochon Australian grey base Opal (Lightning Ridge, N5 B4) and .10ct channel set Diamond accents (SI GH), with hand carved and milgrain detail work, custom made by us circa 2004.

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