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Treble Clef Inspired Sphene & Diamond Pendant in Two Tone Gold

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Recently re-entering our collection, we custom designed this Sphene pendant more than 20 years ago for a gem-collecting music aficionado. You’d have to be those two things to have a Sphene in your collection and to design a pendant inspired by a music note! The client worked with our owner, Rene, to design this pendant around the nearly 3ct Sphene (aka Titanite), which is a rare gem for collectors. It is a chartreuse hue but due the high refractive index, it sparkles like crazy, and you can see green, gold, red and blue flashes emanating from the gem. To accent this, it is set into a two tone gold framework. The prongs of the Sphene are set with white Diamonds to provide contrast, then the line of white gold is flush set with natural Yellow Diamonds in various shades. This pendant hides a fantastic surprise- it has a hidden locking pin mechanism, such that it can be worn as a brooch as well as on a chain as a pendant! Versatile? check. Cool? check. Beautiful? check. Rare? CHECK. Priced far below the cost to replicate it today.

Details: 14k two tone gold custom made pendant brooch combo set with 2.75ct oval green Sphene (untreated) and .20ctw round white and yellow Diamond accents (SI), circa 2000.

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