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This 18 inch strand of graduated cultured Tahitian Pearls are the creme de la creme: they have the highest degree of nacre, luster, and color we have seen in many years. We sourced these from a dealer who is retiring, and selling some of his old-stock items. These had been in storage since the 1980s, and we were able to get them at a price that represents an incredible value to the lucky owner who snaps these up. These are mirror-like pearls- when you look at them, you can see your reflection in their surface. Each Pearl has been perfectly matched for size (10mm at the back, 14mm at the front), shape (all are near-round to egg shaped), and color. The color here is the star of the show; they are what is known as peacock Pearls. All Tahitian Pearls are cultured in warm-water mollusks of the South Pacific, whose shells can have amazingly bright colors. When these same colors occur in the Pearl we have a rare item. These Pearls are primarily green, with purple undertones- truly Peacock Tahitians. If you have been looking for that perfect Pearl necklace to dress up your day, or want to surprise someone with a June birthday, you could not find a better strand than this!

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