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Neon Reddish Pink Spinel & Diamond Bypass Ring


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Spinel collectors, look no further! We dug to the back of the safe and pulled out this amazing neon reddish pink Burmese Spinel to be the center stone in our latest custom ring design. Natural Burmese red Spinel sets the standard upon which all others are judged, and this one, in an intense watermelon red tone, is no exception. While not the “Jedi” material, this is an intense color from Mogok that glows under most lighting conditions, coupled with precision cutting- here we have shown it under outdoor and LED light. The gem is an elongated oval which helps show off the bypass design of this mounting. Each arm of the ring is encrusted with round Diamond accents which gradually diminish in size, drawing the eye upward toward the Spinel. To help accent this gem, we set it in subtle yellow gold prongs in an otherwise white gold ring, which also helps draw in some orangey undertones. This is a solidly built ring, and Spinel is a durable gem, so this would be a great engagement ring or right hand ring that can stand up to regular wear.

Spinels are a natural collector’s gem that only recently are getting the attention they deserve. They are found in similar mines as Rubies and Sapphires, and are even similar chemically, so they are often confused with each other. Spinels are actually rarer, and have a cult following that is starting to expand around the globe. This gem is one we have held onto for a long time, and are only now selling as we are getting low on Spinel stock. We have priced this based on cost, not what the market can demand on this material, which makes a great opportunity for our clients.

Details: 14k white gold ring set with 1.20ct oval Red Pink Spinel (untreated, Burma) and .60ctw Diamond accents (SI2 GH).

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