Mother’s Birthstone Pendant with Opal, Aquamarine, Ruby & Peridot

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We enjoy making mother’s jewelry because the pieces are a wearable reminder of a mother’s most precious memories- each stone representing the birthstone of a child. We prefer to avoid mass produced items, and instead make mother’s jewelry that is unusual and attractive. In this case all four birthstones in the family are represented, and the three smaller graduated birthstones accentuate the color in the Opal centerpiece. This particular gem has a great backstory since it was cut from an Opalized Belemnite- a type of fossilized squid where Opal replaces the organic matter- so cool!

Details: 14k white gold mother’s pendant with 1.73ct Australian Fossil Opal, .25ct Aquamarine, .22ct Ruby, and .12ct Peridot.

This unique item sold. Please contact us to create something similar.

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