Huge Australian Black Opal in Peacock Colors 20cts



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We rarely list loose gems on our website but this exceptional black Opal deserves special attention. This free-form gem was cut by a local collector who sourced the rough from Lightning Ridge, Australia in the 1980’s. The gem is jet black in tone, with stripes of blue, green and violet play of color. The gem is massive and weighs over 20cts! I have shown it against a quarter and my hand for size comparison. It would certainly make one stunning pendant or other piece of custom jewelry. Under indirect lighting, the blue violet tones are more apparent, but in sunlight or direct lighting the flashes of green and teal come to life throughout the gem- and on both sides of it! Feel free to contact us for a video of this amazing piece or to discuss jewelry options.

Details: Australian Black Opal from Lightning Ridge, weighing 20.23cts. N1-N2 black body color with some translucent crystal areas. Pinfire and floral pattern intermixed with the black matrix; blue, green and violet play of color.

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