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Fine Natural Royal Blue Sapphire & Diamond Pendant


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This beautiful blue Sapphire & Diamond pendant is breathtakingly beautiful. The modern pear shaped pave’ Diamond frame is simple and modern, allowing the eye to focus on the Sapphire held in its center. All of the parts work together to create a cohesive, elegant design- just what a Sapphire of this top quality deserves. The blue Sapphire is certainly the star of the show: this 2ct oval Sapphire is from the coveted Sri Lankan mines and has the most sought after color: royal blue. This term refers to Sapphires of a pure blue hue- no green or violet undertones- and with a deep saturation that simply glows in the light. This gem is a dark royal blue, but not overly dark- it has a lustrous blue in all lighting conditions, making it an even rarer Sapphire. This is an ideal Sapphire pendant, perfect for a September birthday or anniversary gift for the discerning buyer.

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