Foil-Backed Georgian Quartz Pendant in Rose Gold, circa 1814



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This Georgian pendant is the oldest piece of jewelry we have ever had in our store! Brandon purchased this in Scotland as a damaged brooch, and once home we removed the old mechanism and attached a bail so this ravishing jewel can be worn around the neck. We think this was a love token- it is crafted in warm rose gold, and signed on the back “JML 1814.” This Foil-backed Smokey Quartz is original to the piece- these golden brown gems were mined in the Highlands of Scotland, and were a popular gem in the 19th century. This is a great piece of wearable history, measuring just over an inch long.

Note- prior to modern cutting techniques, jewelers would enclose gemstones on the back with a coating of silver foil; the reflection of this foil would make the gem appear brighter. This is why the gem has a closed back, and why the gem has a slightly metallic luster.

Details: 14k rose gold pendant with cushion cut approximately 5ct Smokey Quartz, circa 1814.

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