Beryl Family Pendant with Aquamarine & Morganite



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This absolutely stunning pendant features two beautiful members of the beryl family: morganite and aquamarine. Morganite is the rare pink member of the family, and this particular Brazilian stone shows a pure pink hue without orange undertones, making it very rare. To add to the rarity, this stone was cut by the famous lapidary John Dyer! The aquamarine in this pendant is also of top quality, showing a deep blue with only slight green secondary hues. Stones of this pure sea-blue color are becoming scarce, as most aquas are too light and washed out in color. In this setting both stones are capped in white gold for security and a simple look. 

Details: 14k white gold pendant with 2.60ct Dyer faceted Morganite and 9.36ct custom faceted Aquamarine.

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