Recycled Hessonite Garnet & Diamond Ring



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Product Description

We love to take tired older jewelry and make it new and fun. In this case we were presented with a fine mid-century wedding set. The 2.5 carat Diamond was removed from the engagement ring and set in a modern mounting, but we convinced the client that the old ring still had lots to offer. The client chose this burnt orange Garnet in a perfect round cut- Hessonite is a subgroup of Grossular Garnet, known for unusual orange tones. We were able to modify the mounting to set the colored stone, and now the recycled ring has a new home on the right hand.

Details: 14k white gold ring set with 2.80ct round Hessonite Garnet and over 2cts of diamond accents (SI JK).

This unique item sold. Please contact us for pricing and availability of similar pieces.

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