Die Struck Octagonal Deco Diamond Ring



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This great die-struck engagement ring is an affordable way to own a classic Art Deco design. The white gold ring is filigreed on every surface, and the central diamond is set into an octagonal “illusion head” that makes the diamond appear larger. Due to the die-struck process (see below), these rings were cost effective to produce but also very durable, and still make great vintage engagement rings, 100 years later.

Details: 14k white gold ring with .30ct European Cut Diamond (SI GH).

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One of the factors that lead to the popularity of filigree rings in the Art Deco era was the invention of the die-struck process. Using this method, manufacturers could place sheets of metal between molds then use high heat and immense pressure to “strike” the jewelry, often en-masse. This process resulted in items that were thinner than wax-cast items, but still very strong, which allowed the jewelers to then engrave and work the metal into filigree patterns, using processes that were less laborious than from-scratch methods of prior eras.



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