Deco Die-Struck Ring with Neon Green Chrome Diopside


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This awesome Art Deco ring has lived an interesting life. We purchased this ring from a client and, at the time, it was set with a fake Diamond that was clearly not original to the ring. The ring was die-struck- a process popular in the 1920’s similar to forging- that produced incredibly durable designs. Since we liked the filigree work we decided this one was worth restoring. We ended up choosing this rare Russian Chrome Diopside as a new focal point, since it is similar to the now scarce Russian Demantoid Garnet that was popular at the time. Most Chrome Diopside is too dark, poorly cut, and not attractive- but this perfectly cut round is a true green GEM and makes the ring look fabulous. After touching up the filigree work and setting a new gem in the center, this ring is now perfectly capable of another 100 years of wear.

Details: 18k white gold ring with .51ct round Russian Chrome Diopside (diamond cut, untreated), mounting circa 1925.

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