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Deco Die-Struck 18k White Gold Blush Zircon Ring


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This original Art Deco ring mounting came to us unset, new old stock, from a retired Jeweler’s collection. With the intricate filigree work and delicate split claw prongs, it needed to be set with a strong focal point. Staying true to the era, we chose this natural blush Zircon as the center gem; Zircons of all colors were mined in Sri Lanka and were popular in the 1920s/30s. This particular gem is from the modern source in Africa and is a coveted rosy blush hue- not quite pink, not quite brown, not quite purple- but the color of your favorite makeup foundation. While these blush zircons are certainly a warm hue, the pinks and purples in the gem stand out against a white gold setting. This round gem features Portuguese round cutting which makes it dance- see pic in sunlight- and would make an excellent right hand ring as it would match all colors. *Die struck rings were made through a process which involved stamping and hand carving rings from hardened white gold; as such these rings are lighter weight than cast rings, but have more detail and are very durable. Contact us with questions about jewelry manufacturing techniques.

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