Custom Zultanite Halo Pendant in Rose Gold


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Zultanite, Csarite, Color Change Diaspore- these are all different names for the same rare gem species seen here. Coming from the mountains of Turkey, this is a single-source gemstone that is famous for its color change, where it is a pinkish brown under incandescent and yellowish green under UV light. As the wearer moves under different lighting the gem can shift and meld between a variety of colors, making this a very fun gem to wear. We set this gemstone in a modern halo pendant mounting with Diamond accents and rose gold for a beautiful piece that can be worn on a daily basis.

*Zultanite and Czarite are trademarked names by two recent mining companies. While they are becoming standard names in the jewelry industry, the technical name for this rare material is Color Change Diaspore. Trademarked gemstones are often sold at a premium so we try to only carry gems from collections and more affordable sources.

Details: 14k rose gold pendant with 3.60ct radiant cut Zultanite and .28ctw Diamond accents (I1 GH).

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